Unnamed Oral History Interview

Creator: Unnamed | Date: 2015-08-18
Collection: Righting the Record Oral History Project

Interviewer: Colon-Marrero, Elena (ECM)

Interviewee: Anonymous (A)

ECM: Whenever you’re ready.

A: Okay, one time I am driving through Arizona, leaving Arizona, and I was working there. I was driving and a police officer pulls me over from behind ‘cause I had California plates. And he goes “the reason I stopped you is because your windshield is cracked.” I was like “you saw it from behind that my windshield was cracked? That’s impossible.” And he goes, “and your, and your back of your truck is a little unbalanced.” I’m like, “’cause I have all my stuff. I’m going to Minnesota.” He goes, “what’s in your trunk?” Well my jockey saddle and my helmet and whatnot. He goes “you got a jockey saddle! Let me see it!” So I bring it out. It’s a very tiny little jockey saddle, that’s why they call it a jockey saddle. He goes, “you ridin’ this? Yeah, well just keep your nose clean.” And he gave me a ticket for the windshield broken. Even though my friend was driving he gave it to me because I was the owner of the truck. I’m all, “he’s driving! Why am I getting the ticket?” He goes, “Cause I know you have to pay it.” I considered that being a little racist, but that is the end of the story. 

ECM: Well, thank you. 

~ Unnamed, “Unnamed Oral History Interview,” A People's Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland, accessed April 26, 2018, http://www.archivingpoliceviolence.org/items/show/18.
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